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Little Black Dress vs Men In Black - ZONA Partyspace!

19 Februarie 2013
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Little Black Dress vs Men In Black ZONA Partyspace
Ladies, it is said that the little black dress is a sort of uniform for all women of taste and that if it’s right, there is nothing else to wear in its place. As we are sure you own at least one that makes you look gorgeous and makes you feel confident, we invite you to wear it on Saturday night.

Be in the spotlight and all the eyes of the men in black will be watching you every minute of the evening!

Gentlemen , this is your chance to feel mysterious and picture yourselves as agents working undercover for secret branches of the government! Your only tasks are having fun and enjoying the presence of the lovely ladies in the little black dresses. Bring a black suit or jacket that makes you feel elegant and let’s make it a night impossible to forget!

This will be an evening of style and elegance, come be part of it at ZONA Partyspace!

Reservations: 0743 022 886

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Little Black Dress vs Men In Black - ZONA Partyspace!
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